Jim Sadie

Jim Sadie

Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Jim Sadie was transformed by the sound of the organ the first time he heard one. Since that time, he has become an organ enthusiast, studying organ, and has played some of the most famous pipe organs in the world.

In 1975, he was introduced to Forbes Piano & Organ Company when his church purchased a new organ. At age 13, his fascination with any organ became an endeavor to learn everything possible about different organs and how they function. Forbes Piano & Organ store was just down the street from his family’s home and he was able to visit regularly. “I would spend hours comparing every little nuance of each stop on the organs-observing how they blended with other stops. It was and still is fascinating.”

When he started high school, Jim Sadie began to play for another church in addition to his parish church. This second one had an old pipe organ in need of significant repairs. Thus, another process began to learn how to maintain an old pipe organ. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn not only about the historic pipe organ, but also about different technological advances. Later on, this knowledge enhanced his education at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, as he earned a Bachelor of Arts in organ performance, with an emphasis on improvisation and composition.

Jim’s commitment to local churches would last 30 years at one and 19 years at the other. In 2007 he began to work with Forbes in the Allen Organ division. It was and remains almost like a dream to live his work each day. After Forbes closed their piano stores, Jim worked closely with them and the management of the Allen Organ Company and became the authorized dealer, doing business as JES Organ.

Jim notes, “It has been a huge responsibility and also very rewarding to help make a difference with churches, so that they may have the best service possible on an existing organ or obtain the most fitting organ for their particular congregation and worship space. “Church music is my life.”  In his spare time, Jim enjoys running, baseball, and spending time with his family. One of nine children, “here we are on a family beach trip.