What Makes J.E.S. Organ Unique

What Makes Us Unique

Superior Sound & Quality Construction
Superior sound and Quality construction are two hallmarks that make every Allen organ a work of art built to last. “Sound” is, quite literally, the reason that Allen Organ Company exists. The company’s founder, Jerome Markowitz, was passionate about sound and dedicated his life to making pipe organ sound affordable. They are built in America by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials and construction techniques. Allen builds almost all of its own electronics and components to ensure you get a quality built organ at an affordable price with long-term parts availability. This is just another way that you get value for your dollar.

Experience & Expert Consulting
Experience & Expertise from lifetime musicians and support staff make all the difference. Our years of experience consulting countless projects have made for many successful installations. Our goal is to make sure you have not only a great organ but also an excellent installation so that you may best achieve your goals.

Most Sophisticated, Extensive & Versatile Product Line
Allen’s innovation continues to revolutionize the world with the largest library of sampled organ stops and over 20 models that can be customized to suit your needs. This innovation will take your music to a new level. Our Chancel™, BRAVURA™, Quantum™, Heritage™ and Elite™ line of organs are the benchmark for success.

Parts & Customer Service
This is one of the most important concerns when purchasing an instrument that should last a lifetime. While other companies might build their consoles in the USA, the parts inside the console are outsourced to other parts of the world which can present problems down the road when the organ is no longer under warranty. Allen is the only organ company that builds its organs in the USA and has parts to repair every organ they have ever built. No other company can say this.

After the sale, you should expect the best service available for the long term. We have always and will continue our commitment to providing the best professional and courteous customer service available. We are here, part of your community to provide organ repairs in Alabama, voicing, workshops, one-on-one assistance and more. That, coupled with our history of service to churches throughout the state for over 50 years, is just one reason you can count on JES Organ.

From The President of the Allen Organ Company, Steve Markowitz
“Our dedication to producing exceptional instruments is matched only by our commitment to providing unsurpassed customer service for the long term. Your congregation’s organ is an important investment. With our quality craftsmanship, reliability and service, you can convert cost into value and transform your music into a sound like no other.”

Quality, craftsmanship, technological superiority – these are all hallmarks of the Allen Organ Company. With over 80,000 installations throughout the world, Allen carries the banner of innovation into the 21st century.

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