Allen Custom Quantum™ Series

Allen Custom Quantum™ Series


After the founder of Allen Organ, Jerome Markowitz, was granted a patent for the first stable audio oscillator in 1938, he continued to pursue major developments, one of which was the first ever digital organ – now in the Smithsonian Institute. Years later, Renaissance organs opened the door to many advances in organ building. Then, Allen Organ embarked on a major project that resulted in Quantum™ technology for Renaissance organs. This evolving technology has produced innovative, technological advancements. In the past, stoplists were limited to 4, but Allen has created the capability to have 4-9 distinctive stoplists all in one console. Furthermore, custom Quantum™ organs use superior digital audio processing that produces unrivaled clarity in sound. By virtue of their customization and extensive audio configurations, these organs are unmatched.

You’ve heard that the best stop on the organ is often the room itself. One part of this processing power is Allen’s patented Acoustic Portrait™. While other companies use electronic reverb (a synthetic imitation of acoustics), Allen has recorded the acoustics of cathedrals and other acoustically desirable buildings throughout the world. With advanced processors (DSP’s) and patented low-latency convolution algorithms, Acoustic Portrait reproduces the true acoustic response of each original room with stunning realism.


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Featuring the unique realism of Acoustic Portrait™ and the unparalleled flexibility of Stoplist Library™, Quantum™ Organs redefine the state-of-the-art and will take your organ performance to a new level.